Product Lifecycle Management

More and more products to develop, but less time to work with? Fragmented information, communication challenges and chaotic workflows causing delays?

Line Planning and creative perspectives not reconciled until too late in the cycle, leading to rework, expedited shipping and increased costs?
With the TXT Retail solution, you can streamline the work and processes for all stakeholders involved with creating and managing your collections: Merchandisers & Designers, Product Managers, Developers, Buyers, Sourcing Managers and Suppliers. The unique value of the solution is in the ability to extend its retail PLM capabilities such as Creative Design, Collection Development and Sourcing to Line Planning AND seamlessly to advanced Merchandise Planning and Assortment Planning. All your Product Lifecycle Management needs are supported under one roof. By completely connecting buying, sourcing and design, your fabric programs, factory time and transportation can all be secured earlier in the cycle, reducing costs and providing for a more streamlined product lifecycle process.


Product Lifecycle Management
  • Line Planning

    With TXT Retail, Line Planning and product development are seamlessly integrated. Business and strategic objectives such as number of styles, style colors, target margins and costs are properly communicated to your design and product development teams meaning all functions are on the same page right from the earliest stages of development. The details of proposed sources and relevant costings enable accurate assortment plans, supported by global sources, earlier in the Collection Lifecycle.

  • Trend Research & Fashion Design

    TXT Retail supports you in the creative phase of collection development with the ability it provides to capture images and ideas remotely through mobile and to make them immediately available to design. Mood-boards and sketches can be designed intuitively through familiar tools like Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and uploaded to TXT Retail solution, without designers leaving the familiar design environment.

  • Collection Development

    TXT Retail supports the centralization, standardization and management of all data generated by new collections such as technical drawings, colors, size specs, bill of materials, instructions for labeling/packaging, as well as sampling and production technical worksheets. These are generated interactively and stored into a single and shared database which can be accessible to your teams both via web and mobile devices.

  • Sourcing and Collaboration

    Sub-contractors and suppliers can easily connect to the PLM database via the supplier web portal, anytime anywhere. Sourcing is managed with specific functionalities for online negotiation and quotations requests; the mobile client of the solution supports offsite meetings with suppliers, giving the ability to update the buying plan while on the go.

  • Sales Catalogue Management

    Once the collection is completed, you can create sales catalogues for mobile devices in a faster, more intuitive and interactive way keeping the sales force up to date. The sales catalogue mobile app displays all information on linesheets, color options, lookbooks, pricelists, catwalk videos and multimedia. Everything is just a touch away.

  • Merchandise and Assortment Planning

    TXT Retail strategic value is to integrate the compelling PLM capabilities just described, with advanced Merchandise Planning and Assortment Planning. Benefits of integration are twofold: designers gain tangible insights into how new ideas are working and which are the best performing products and attributes, bringing development one step closer to the customer. Planners now associate visuals to their numeric; planning becomes more intuitive and ultimately ever more accurate.

Key Functionality

  • Real time integration between Planning and Collection development

  • Workflow and Calendar Management: allocation of tasks to users, their notifications via to-do-list or emails and the monitoring of their completion

  • A full suite of PLM capabilities multi-product and multi-category, including apparel, footwear, leather, jewelry, furniture, hard goods

  • The most familiar working environment to users: integration with standard Microsoft tools such as Excel and PowerPoint, and design tools like Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

  • Mobility: mobile technology is "inside" the core of collection development and planning enabling critical tasks to be performed "on the go"

The Benefits

  • Customer focused collections - the integration between Planning, Design and Development enables companies being one step closer to the customer

  • Complete adherence to budget guidelines - no over development and SKU proliferation

  • Improved inter-company and partner collaboration - same perception of the product, targets and calendars

  • Shorter Product development times and time to market - no rekeying and duplications, faster new designs, improved communication

  • "Everything under control" - no overly generic processes, no bottlenecks, visibility at each step.