Case Study YAMAMAY

TXT's plm to support a global supply chain

  • Case

    Company Background

    Established in 2001, Yamamay is a leading retailer brand in underwear and swimwear for men and women. Its wide range of products feature: corsetry, underwear, bathing costumes, nightshirts, hosiery, cosmetics, footwear and bags. The company controls the brand Jacked, through which it distributes its swimsuits and sportswear lines. The Yamamay franchising network encompasses some 700 shops, of which over 500 are in Italy. Since 2011, Yamamay has been part of Pianoforte Holding, which also includes the Carpisa brand. In a short time, the Group has achieved the target of 1000 points of sale with more than 1200 employees. "Closer, stronger" is the Group's tagline.

    The Challenge

    The dynamism of the global market as well as the management of increasingly wider supply chains requires businesses in the field of fashion and apparel to focus more and more on aspects such as centralized information management, workflow management, communication and cooperation with partners. Yamamay has decided to undertake a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) project – enabling the company to:

    • generate a full repository of data, easily accessible and featuring all product information;
    • facilitate interactions between various functions and between HQ Italy and foreign branches, going beyond the threshold of email based communication;
    • rationalize and unify terminology across all functions and systems;
    • further streamline workflows, enhancing visibility and monitoring at every stage

    Why TXT

    Yamamay has identified TXT as the ideal partner, in perfect synch with the functional requirements of its business, as well as in virtue of TXT's consolidated experience in the fashion industry. Yamamay has also appreciated the flexibility of the PLM solution provided by TXT, well-suited to the profile of its current organization structure, its future evolution and growth.

    The Project

    TXT's PLM solution successfully supports Yamamay in the following areas:

    Full management of collection data
    Prior to the TXT implementation, the product's technical sheets were generated as images. Thanks to the project, Yamamay can now develop technical sheets from a product database, which is both complete and accessible.In particular, the solution enables the creation of the so called "project charts" with data relating to the collection theme, series, and number of styles. This facilitates the creation of the "graphic charts", the repository of all information governing a style: data and images. Each "graphic chart" contains several sections, namely, product details, bill of materials and measurement tables, images and colours. The "graphic charts" are further split, within the system, in 3 categories relating to: finished products, components and cups, which owing to the complexity of information involved (fabrics, under-wires, accessories, etc), require some special attention. Reporting activities (collection prints and product specifications), as well as the management of annexes - modifiable at any stage of work progress - are also encompassed in the PLM solution.

    Collaboration between corporate functions
    Prior to the adoption of the PLM solution, all contact between the branches and with suppliers were via e-mail. TXT's solution and the availability of one single centralized repository containing all collection information has sped up the communication process between the HQ Italy and foreign branches, making it faster and more efficient. Completion, duplication and transmission errors are consequently avoided. Clarity of information, its rationalization and simplicity of terminology allow for a steadier coordination between functions which in turn leads to less time spent on data consolidation.

    Streamlined and organized workflows
    Thanks to the integrated workflow management system, Yamamay has configured just one single collect-ion development process. It has defined within the system all the activit- ies it encompasses, their dependencies, and the different functions/roles corresponding to every individual activity. As a result, workflows are more streamlined and the consequent monitoring, at each stage, has positive effects in terms of responsiveness in the face of possible criticalities.As many as 85-plus users, spread over different geographical areas, today use the PLM solution by TXT.


  • Centralized information management
  • Easier communication between functions and supply chain partners
  • Streamlined workflows

The TXT Solution

  • TXT product lifecycle management


  • A single repository for all collection data
  • Unified data and terminology
  • Enhanched communication with suppliers
  • Streamlined product development processes and shorter time-to-market

Customers Speak

Yamamay has identified TXT as the ideal partner with which to work in its process of growth. The PLM solution easily adapts with our business requirements, integrating with applications currently in use and propelling the development process of collections, making it faster and more effective. Added value at all levels

Stefano Piantanida, Software Development Manager at Yamamay