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An online marketplace to connect all actors in the global value chain

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    Company Profile

    Established in 1902, Meyer & Meyer is a business group headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany. As one of the leading logistics service providers, Meyer & Meyer has developed a wide range of services for its customers in the textile and apparel industries. Beyond the transport of raw materials and finished goods, standard warehousing logistics, textile preparation, quality assurance and commissioning, the company offers a number of additional services - such as the affixing of price and security tags, minor sewing and repair tasks as well as the final distribution of goods to the retail outlets. From five logistics centers and several other locations in Europe, the company manages global operations across 40 countries and employs over 1,750 employees and its turnover exceeds €170M.

    Supply Chain Context

    Meyer & Meyer's customers are international fashion companies in manufacturing and retail. They face the challenges related to the globalization of sourcing and distribution, higher pressures on margins, extremely stretched lead-times and short-life cycles of their products. To help them deal with such pressures, Meyer & Meyer decided to expand its services from the coordination of the goods flow to the management of the information flow across the global fashion supply chain. Specifically, the company planned to create a marketplace to connect all the parties involved in the fashion value chain, who could then access its services, share information and documents, track the status of activities, plan and work together.

    The Challenge

    The partnering initiative with TXT supports this goal. By combining their different expertise in the sector, Meyer & Meyer and TXT provide fashion companies with a complete supply chain management solution. The solution extends beyond Meyer & Meyer logistics, transportation and quality services to include the IT and Communication services supported by TXT's technology. Using TXT software, Meyer & Meyer's fashion customers and their network partners (suppliers, subcontractors, finishing partners…) all connect to a single collaborative web platform. All key business processes such as raw material purchasing, order and delivery notes management, document sharing, warehousing, transportation and quality control are automatically and transparently handled via an online marketplace which connects all actors in the fashion value chain.

    Why TXT?

    TXT was selected for the robust functionalities of the software, for its know-how in the fashion sector and because it had always demonstrated to be a first-mover in this industry. Meyer & Meyer appreciated TXT's strong commitment to the sector - with both companies sharing the common goal of providing high-end services to fashion companies.

    The Solution

    The chosen solution has been TXTCHAIN, TXT's collaborative web platform for Supplier Relationship Management. Now implemented in Europe and Hong Kong, as a next step the application will be rolled-out across the Far East with over 350 companies involved on a global scale. Integration among them is easily realized by means of the companies' ERP systems or via web. Participating to this online community helps Meyer & Meyer's customers and their partners answer the challenges of globalization by:

    • Improving communication and information access, avoiding information delays and distortion between the different levels of the supply chain;
    • Reducing process cycle times with the automation of tasks;
    • Increasing process transparency, thus establishing confidence among all actors in the value chain;
    • Lowering transaction costs by eliminating paperwork;
    • Enhancing network responsiveness.

    The fast sharing of schedules and the event management functions of the solution (which replace the former tracking and tracing system) help react faster to demand fluctuations and critical issues that might arise. Ultimately, the whole supply chain becomes more agile, meeting the need of fashion companies to achieve even shorter lead-times and the fastest time to market. Meyer & Meyer is planning to extend the partnering initiative to the development of a financial clearing system and the exploitation of new RFID technologies in supply chain management.


  • Build a collaborative web platform to integrate Meyer & Meyer's fashion customers and their network partners

The TXT Solution

  • TXTCHAIN (Supplier Relationship Management solution)


  • Improved network responsiveness to demand and exceptions
  • Reduced process cycle times thanks to the automation of tasks
  • Better communication and easy information access
  • End-to-end visibility across the fashion value chain
  • Lower transaction costs

Customers Speak

Our customers are international fashion companies in manufacturing and retail. They face the challenges related to the globalization of sourcing and distribution, higher pressures on margins, short lead-times and short life cycles of their products. By automating a number of tasks onto a single online platform, all actors involved in the fashion value chain can interact more easily, while availing of an up-to-the-minute perspective on all activities helps them react faster to demand and critical issues. Through the use of TXTCHAIN, the entire supply chain becomes more agile, response times are shorter and company performances increased

Rüdiger Bentrup, CEO - Meyer & Meyer