Product Development Cycles now twice as fast with TXT's PLM solution

  • Case

    Company Background

    Le Tanneur, established in 1898 are one of the leading leather goods brands in France offering complete collections of billfolds, briefcases, handbags and luggage. With a turnover of € 64.6 million, today Le Tanneur are proud to be renowned as the 'inventors' of the leather goods profession in France, continuing the tradition of producing outstanding quality products that are both elegant and functional. The group also own the SOCO brand which is comprised of similar products but made from materials other than leather.

    Supply Chain Context

    In France, Le Tanneur and SOCO products are sold in their own 60 branded stores, in department stores and in over 400 other individual retailers'; 80% of Le Tanneur's revenue comes from those stores. The remaining 20% is from international sales in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

    Combined, the Le Tanneur and SOCO brands comprise of 1500+ SKUs. The ideas behind the designs which become the basis for either the Spring/ Summer or Autumn/Winter collections are based on the international fashion trends. Once the product designers and marketing reach an agreement on the specifics of the ranges, they are then handed over to suppliers for production; the majority of this takes place in China, India and Morocco. Some specialized lines are still made locally in Belley, France, home of Le Tanneur's central distribution center. Prototypes of each new line are shared with key customers, changes are then made taking into account suggestions and feedbacks before going into mass production.

    Le Tanneur selects and supplies raw materials to sub-contractors who are required to use only those materials. This ensures products meet the high standards Le Tanneur is known for and provides clear visibility of the costs associated with products

    The Challenge of LE TANNEUR

    The Le Tanneur group is well known with both brands maintaining a popular following in and outside of France; currently, products are sold in stores for at least one season before being phased out. This gives consumers the opportunity to visit the store more than once before making their decision. Women's collections are more cyclical and are more likely to change than men's this is due to women's themes, colors and styles changing more frequently.

    The challenge for Le Tanneur was twofold: To continue to grow and retain existing loyal consumers, and at the same time attract new ones. Le Tanneur identified that collections needed to reflect more current fashion trends, rather than simply being of high quality.

    To achieve this, Le Tanneur required the capability to introduce more lines per season and with a more fashionable slant, increasing the number of collections by 2-3 per season for all segments. This would generate more revenue. Such a strategy called for a PLM tool able to:

    • Manage the rapidly growing level of data in one solution and move away from multiple Excel spreadsheets. Therefore providing one version of the truth; this was seen as critical due to the large geographic and cultural spread between Le Tanneur and its suppliers. The inaccuracy of data so far had hampered the effective management of collections' bill of materials (BOMs).
    • Speed up the collection development process and reduce re-workings; currently out of 12 lines developed sometimes only 2-3 actually make it to store.
    • Improve reaction times in the eventuality where changes need to be made. Changes can be driven by fashion trends, and in addition some special lines are often required to be demonstrated to the press at short notice.

    The Solution

    TXT PLM supports product development from end to end – from concept to the final and ready to produce design.

    • A central repository for product & collection data Once the new product specifications (styles and colors) have been agreed upon they are keyed into TXT PLM. This ensures one version of the truth is available at all times and eliminates unnecessary searching, data transfer times and duplications. All functions involved benefit from this through increased productivity and reliability of information which includes original hand drawings attached to the product specifications. TXT PLM additionally stores historical information on past collections and products for analysis.

      TXT PLM enables the centralisation, standardisation and management of samples and production technical worksheets, including colors, product specifications, labelling and costs.

    • Smoothing of collaboration with subcontractors The solution allows the BOMs to be communicated electronically to the subcontractors. This has helped to streamline and structure the end to end communication process and create a new way of working by formalizing Le Tanneur's interactions with their manufacturers. Prototype exchange, tracking of changes and progress are made simpler allowing each function to perform their step more efficiently, supporting a move to reduce the cost of errors. TXT PLM will provide a complete history of a products development.

    • Costs and prices kept under control Le Tanneur manages prices within TXT PLM; designers are able to quickly assess the cost of a product and establish an approximate price based on the BOMs. After calculating the estimate cost, TXT PLM is able to compare the subcontractors' vs. Le Tanneur's own material price and provides the basis for a continuous improvement process.

    The Results

    6 months after the go Live, Le Tanneur has already seen numerous benefits from managing their collections and product development process with the TXT PLM solution:

    • Twice as fast product development cycle time.
    • Lower error rate in the design phase of collections.
    • Collections are now priced 4 times faster.
    • Greater number of products developed per season.
    • Better quality of information saving time previously taken by non value added tasks.
    • Structured and improved communication between Le Tanneur's Hq, DC and suppliers.

    Why TXT

    Le Tanneur selected TXT PLM based on its ability to support the business strategy and that it is one of the leading PLM solutions in Europe today, together with TXT's vast experience in the fashion and apparel industry.


  • Reduce collection development cycle to market times
  • Create collections with a greater fashion slant

The TXT Solution

  • TXT product lifecycle management


  • Twice as fast product development times
  • A higher capacity to develop new products resutling in a significant increase in new styles going to market
  • Better Quality of information and improved communication between all parties

Customers Speak

I am delighted with the PLM solution from TXT; they have helped us reduce collection development time cycles by half through greater and timelier access to product data. TXT PLM has provided fundamental support to Le Tanneur in helping us create more fashionable collections through a more efficient development process; this has enabled us to significantly increase the number of styles by season.

Claire Otter, quality Manager - Le Tanneur