Sephora | Galaxy Project with TXT

Sephora, the international leader in skin care and fragrances, outlines the benefits they have received through the Galaxy project based on TXTPlanning technology.

Sephora has deployed the TXTPlanning software by TXT Retail to forecast and replenish its stores on a global basis. The solution, a cornerstone of Sephora’s Supply Chain Transformation project named “Galaxy”, has been successfully rolled out to 330 stores in France, followed by Poland, China and the US to become the corporate standard for every new store opening. With more than 2,100 stores in 32 countries, including over 360 stores in North America and a growing offering of more than 65,000 products, Sephora is a truly global omni-channel retailer. According to Sephora, the use of TXTPlanning for forecasting and replenishment is generating significant gains: “Stock rotation has increased and this means carrying less stock in each store, as well as reducing stock-outs and obsolescence rates.”

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