Planning 2020


Fast fashion leaders are turning to an end-to-end merchandise lifecycle management solution to transform the way their organizations plan, design, develop and source products.

assortment planning

As to implementing a new Assortment Planning solution that might actually make the process flow more smoothly and with better results - Assortment Planning Software Solution implementations can be challenging, there are a lot of moving parts, change management as well as getting a great technology fit. So why would should you undertake a renovation of your assortment planning solution today?

Merchandise Office Success

At its core, fashion merchandising remains a people business, heavily reliant upon human judgment and experience. But in a world where consumers carry your competition...


The season is looking great. The Assortment Strategy the merchandise office signed off on created a great starting point. Design and Buying selected the right product candidates to create the perfect, curated, customer focused collection. Demand Planning led to the order of exactly the right amount of those perfect products. Hundreds of correct, critical decisions were made at the right time across the entire merchandise office and supplier teams. Time to put your feet up on the desk and wait for the first sales results? Well, not exactly.

Fast Fashion in Retail

While there are certainly more than these few definitions for Fast Fashion, it is clear that variety, speed, and newness are expectations of today's consumers, requirements that extend well past the fashion industries. Consumer Packaged Goods companies have accelerated their pace of new product introductions, electronics makers are producing more models with more technical variances, and of course the apparel business which has long been perfecting "speed to consumer" is creating more products with shorter life cycles...

Planning for a Retail Renaissance

Clearly it's not the best of times for a traditional retailer. The stock market is hitting new highs while unemployment is at a new low, both indicators that normally drive spending, and warm the hearts of Retailers. From the world of Retail though, the only thing that seems to be up for many are store closings and pity parties. Even worse if as a Retailer you didn't move early and fast to online, you may have a sinking feeling that the high-growth online opportunity has past you by with Amazon now gaining over 50% of every incremental online dollar, and welcoming the 50th million customers to its Apparel business. Winning in the Retail Renaissance will involve mastering some new skills and disciplines.