Thinking Retail EMEA 2017

Last week I attended Thinking Retail, TXT Retail’s Merchandising Symposium in Amsterdam, a gathering of merchandising resources and experts I haven’t really seen since the MIX days surrounding the Retail Systems Show. I know it can be difficult to get merchants together to talk to each other about their challenges, especially when many companies regard the selection, acquisition, and distribution of products to be core to their competitive advantage – it can be somewhat like asking Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken to get together to swap recipe tips. Even when they’re not directly competitive, no one is excited to talk about it. In merchandising though, things are changing.

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Thinking Retail Forums 2016

Large groups of retailers, sessions focused exclusively on retail planning subjects, multiple locations around the world, and abundant opportunities to network with those in the retail planning community – That describes the Thinking Retail Forum series that was recently held in locations across the globe including Germany, France, Russia, Italy, England, United States and Sweden.