Patrizia Calvia

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Retail never stands still, we know it well. That’s why we have created this new blog, a space for the retail merchandising community (planning, merchandising, product managers, sourcing and supply chain) where you will find the latest on the market, our opinions on the next big things, and what we believe are the merchandise practices required to succeed in this changing retail world.


Retailers are expanding, demographics are shifting and digital commerce continues to grow. Consequently, one size no longer fits all — nor does one color, style or price. Download the Retail IQ Report “Assortment Planning at the Speed of Retail” presented by RIS News, and learn how advanced assortment planning solutions are helping retailers design their product arrays to align with ever changing demand.


Retailers are dealing with the challenge of operating across multiple channels while navigating a retail landscape that has never been more competitive, which is placing a great strain on their merchandising and inventory management capabilities. Retail industry publication Essential Retail interviews Peter Charness, CMO at TXT Retail on what it takes to succeed in modern retailing. Check out the article.